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Upholstery cleaning and proper maintenance is important for a variety of reasons. For starters replacing upholstery is an expensive investment and for most that’s probably plenty motivation to invest in a system that will maximize the life of their upholstery. But also consider the comfort of your staff and your customer experiance when having to use sticky and soiled upholstery. This is probably not the business image most of us would want. All around it just makes good sense to maintain your buildings upholstery with regular maintenance and routine deep cleanings. In return your upholstery will reward you with many years of useful service.

Basically there are two approaches to maintaining your upholstery. 1) You can use one of our options offered here such as the Maintenance Plan or Flex Plan. These inexpensive and frequent cleaning approaches ensure that your upholsterying is always clean. Or, 2) You can bring someone in to clean your upholstery only when it becomes so bad that you can hardly stand it. This approach may initially seem to be the way to go and you may save yourself a few bucks upfront, but when you consider the overall impression an unkempt facility sets with its staff and customers in addition to the greatly reduced service life of your upholstery. A maintenance plan set in place to meet your facilities specific needs make good $ense. Bamaclean employes several methods and techniques within its upholstery cleaning services as well as maintenance plans that can be customized to your upholsterys specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a free onsite evaluation and demonstration.

Free No Obligation Flooring Assessment

Onsite Visit

Full assessment of your floorings cleaning and restoration needs.
  • Establish the facilities service needs & customer goals.
  • Collect detailed measurements & number of units to be cleaned.
  • Determine flooring materials, fiber composition and condition.
  • Assess buildings soil load & current cleaning programs.
  • Determine materials manufacture warranty requirements.

Plan & Proposal

Develope a custom service plan to meet your facilities specific needs.
  • Detailed, itemized bid with a clear scope of work & service frequency.
  • Prepare a custom color coded cleaning frequency site map.
  • Our plan will not void manufacture warranties.
  • Our plan will meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Our plan will strictly follow manufacture recommendations.

Ongoing Support

Before, during and after the sale, we are here for you.
  • Reminder call or e-mail 24-48 hours prior to scheduled service.
  • Send a Get Ready letter with tips on how staff can prepare for us.
  • After services are performed we will follow up prior to billing.
  • Any service concerns will be addressed promptly.
  • Ready for Your Free Onsite Quote?

Additional Benefits

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